Back our long Covid plan

It is shameful that it took a Scottish Liberal Democrat-led debate for the plight of long Covid sufferers to be heard in Parliament. 

The SNP/Green Government’s action plan on long Covid is totally unfit for the scale of this challenge. Many Scots would be better off moving to England where there are well-established clinics and a care pathway.  

We need to do much more to help long Covid sufferers. That is why we are calling on the SNP/Green Government to: 

  • Have specialist long Covid clinics in every health board 
  • Train more long Covid community nurses to offer in-home support 
  • Give everyone who needs it access to physiotherapy and rehab treatment 
  • Make sure long Covid sufferers are not penalised financially because they are absent from work for longer periods 
  • Expand social prescribing, connecting more people to community and non-clinical services at no extra cost
  • Remobilise the Scotland Cares volunteers to help long Covid sufferers