Scottish Government economic strategy “lacks collective political leadership and clear targets”

8 Feb 2024
Willie Rennie MSP

Responding to the embargoed report from the Auditor General warning that the Scottish Government’s 10-year economic strategy currently lacks collective political leadership and clear targets, Scottish Liberal Democrat economy spokesperson Willie Rennie said:

"This report sums up the mixed messages coming out of those at the top of the Scottish Government.

"Great public services depend on robust and predictable taxation but the Scottish Government's approach to tax has been to chop and change.

"As a result businesses are holding off on investing and senior medics and the like are wondering whether they might be better off living in Newcastle or Carlisle.

"A focus on the economy was clearly never a priority for Nicola Sturgeon and it doesn't look like it is for Humza Yousaf either. No wonder our economic performance is a drag."