Satisfaction with public transport drops by 10% since 2019

29 Feb 2024
Daniel O'Malley

Scottish Liberal Democrat transport spokesperson Daniel O’Malley has today called on the SNP-Green Government to make public transport more affordable and accessible, after new figures revealed that there has been a 10% drop in the number of people satisfied with public transport since 2019.

The Scottish Government’s Transport and Travel in Scotland Report found that just 58% of people were very or fairly satisfied with public transport in 2022, down from 68% in 2019.

According to the report, satisfaction with public transport was lowest in rural areas. Only 40% of those in remote and rural areas and 42% of those in accessible rural areas said they were satisfied with public transport. This contrasts with a satisfaction rate of 68% in large urban areas.

Mr O'Malley said:

“These findings are a sad reflection of SNP and Green neglect. The fact we’ve had four transport ministers and three rail fare hikes shows how connectivity and good services have taken a back seat.

“If we want to convince people to rely on public transport, we need a system that is affordable, reliable and joined up.

“That’s why Scottish Liberal Democrats have set out extensive plans to help all those travelling by rail, bus and ferry. We want to see fares cut, new two/three day a week season tickets on trains, reliable ferries and communities put in charge of when and where buses go.”