Rennie: Ministers' fingerprints all over Tydeman sacking

27 Mar 2024
Willie Rennie MSP

Speaking in the Scottish Parliament this afternoon during an urgent question, where he uncovered that the Cabinet Secretary knew that the contract of the outgoing Chief Executive at Ferguson Marine could be terminated a month before it happened, and that she had it confirmed to her that it would happen a week prior, Scottish Liberal Democrat economy spokesperson Willie Rennie MSP said:

“The Cabinet Secretary dares to lecture us about respect, but where is the respect for the taxpayers who’ve had to bail out this ferry disaster to tune of hundreds of millions of pounds? Or to the islanders who’ve had to put up with endless delays? Or, indeed, to the workers who’ve been embarrassed by the shocking leadership from this government?

“When will somebody in this government carry the can for this ferry disaster?”

Speaking after the exchange, Mr Rennie said:

“Ministers’ fingerprints are all over this. David Tydeman told the SNP what they didn’t want to hear and it looks like he’s now paying the price.

“The Cabinet Secretary confessed today that she presided over his sacking for several weeks, so she is responsible for this latest chaotic episode in the construction of the ferries.

“But once again, no minister pays the price.”