Building an economy that works for you

Britain needs a sustainable and balanced economy, not just to help fund public services but because growth and enterprise create jobs and opportunities for all. Liberal Democrats believe that there is much to be done to create an economy that ensures that the whole population benefits from the advances ahead.

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Investing in education and young people

The Liberal Democrats have always recognised the important contribution that education makes to the whole of society. Education opens the mind, nurtures understanding and tolerance, and it empowers our children and our communities. We believe every child deserves a great start in life, so they can choose how to shape their own future. 

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A step change for mental health

One in four people will suffer from mental ill health at some time in their life and the cost to individuals, families, our communities and the economy is immense. The capacity and scope of existing services doesn’t come close to reflecting this need, piling pressure on other public services. Scottish Liberal Democrats have fought tirelessly to reduce the historic inequality between the way physical and mental health are treated in the NHS. But still not enough resources are reaching front line services and there is a long way to go.

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