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Programme for Government fails to address major challenges

The Scottish Parliament met for the first time since the summer recess today and the First Minister set out her government’s agenda for the coming year.


Protecting the environment is in the Lib Dem’s DNA

We understand the need for sustainability. Just like Gladstone and Campbell Bannerman’s land and agricultural reforms which created a more sustainable form of ownership and management we understand the need to husband our resources too.

That is why our foresight on climate change, energy security and food leads us to advocate long term solutions.


Putting Local Democracy back into Scottish Policing

At the weekend I put forward plans to inject local democracy back into Scottish policing.

Police Scotland has been on its knees following the centralisation of the force, the use of industrial scale stop and search, armed police, dysfunctional control rooms and excessive top down targets and controls.

There have been serious questions about the effectiveness of the Scottish Police Authority and the removal of local influence and accountability. The Authority has been largely ineffective at holding Police Scotland bosses to account during numerous crises.


The Radical Centre

Tonight, I'll be giving a speech in Aberdeen, to lay out where I believe the Liberal Democrats are in Scottish politics - the radical centre.

I'll be speaking to the SCDI and I plan to make clear the desperate need for a party of the radical centre in Scotland - with the SNP and Labour veering ever more to the left and the Tories - unrestrained by the Liberal Democrats ever more to the right.

You can read my speech in full below:


Tribute to Charles Kennedy

On Monday evening I spoke in tribute to Charles Kennedy in a memorial service in Dingwall. This is what I said:



I'm tired of waiting, so I'm taking action on gender balance

I’m frustrated at the lack of progress we have made as a Party towards gender balance.

On Saturday I met with Scottish Liberal Democrat Women to outline my plan and the role I'm going to take in order to tackle this head on.


Out of sight – out of mind? Why the SNP need to get serious on mental health.

This week I published figures which showed over 4,000 patients have been sent for mental health treatment outside of their health board area in the past five years.


Must try harder.

Must try harder. That's our verdict on the SNP's record on Education.

After 8 years in Government, education is getting worse in Scotland. Class sizes are going up, teacher numbers are falling, literacy levels are falling & educational attainment just isn't good enough.


Why we need transparency over T in the Park state aid

I have written to the First Minister to urge her to investigate whether SNP ministers broke the ministerial code over a state aid deal for T in the Park.


Avoiding a crisis in Scottish Primary Healthcare

Over the last month, Willie Rennie and the Scottish Liberal Democrats have conducted a survey of Scottish GPs across Scotland, to get a current understanding on the views of GPs on their profession and the challenges facing primary healthcare. 

You can read the results of the survey here:


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