Must try harder.

Must try harder. That's our verdict on the SNP's record on Education.

After 8 years in Government, education is getting worse in Scotland. Class sizes are going up, teacher numbers are falling, literacy levels are falling & educational attainment just isn't good enough.

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Avoiding a crisis in Scottish Primary Healthcare

Over the last month, Willie Rennie and the Scottish Liberal Democrats have conducted a survey of Scottish GPs across Scotland, to get a current understanding on the views of GPs on their profession and the challenges facing primary healthcare. 

You can read the results of the survey here:

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The SNP are bad for your health

blog_jh.jpgIf you ask people about the things they value most, their health – and that of their families – is usually towards the top of the list.

Staff in our NHS do fantastic work every day to help keep us on the go. But what has become increasingly clear is that doctors and nurses are not getting the support they need.

The SNP has been in charge of our health service for eight years and their record speaks for itself.

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