Borders Railway - Open at Last

It is very exciting to see the new Borders railway opened at last.

It brings back many memories.

The reopening of the Borders Railway was one of the issues that we included in the Scottish Liberal Democrat manifesto for the 2003 election.

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A celebration of the Liberal Democrats who made the Borders Railway possible

The campaign to restore the railway to the Borders, enthusiastically championed by David Steel, was already a couple of decades old in the late 1990s, pre devolution. But in 1998 the region was hit by the economic tsunami of the closure of the Viasystems factories, a major printed circuit board manufacturer, and the world famous Pringle knitwear operation in Hawick – thousands of jobs were lost with some clicks on a financier’s spreadsheet.

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Out of sight – out of mind? Why the SNP need to get serious on mental health.

This week I published figures which showed over 4,000 patients have been sent for mental health treatment outside of their health board area in the past five years.

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