Audit Scotland report is a damning indictment of the SNP's record on our NHS

Last week, the First Minister told us that she wants to be judged on her record. This week, Audit Scotland published a damning report on her government’s record on the NHS.

The SNP claim to have protected investment in our NHS. Audit Scotland say that funding has been cut in real terms by nearly 1% over the last 7 years. Two health boards have been forced to take out loans from the Scottish Government just to break even.

The SNP claim that things are getting better in our health service. Audit Scotland say that national performance against key targets and standards is getting worse.

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Police Scotland survey couldn't be clearer

Police officers and staff play a vital role in keeping us safe. But we know that the formation of the SNP’s single police force has caused real difficulties.

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Answers needed on T in the Park

The flimsy evidence provided by the Culture Secretary over funding for T in the Park has left MSPs on the Holyrood Culture Committee feeling thoroughly frustrated.

Not a single one of the substantive questions on the issue was answered by the Cabinet Secretary for Culture. Her stonewalling follows the release of more than 600 pages of heavily redacted documents hours before she came to committee. It would have left too little time for proper scrutiny had there been any real detail left to scrutinise.

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