Willie Rennie's speech to the Europa Institute

It is my pleasure to speak to you this evening.

I was due to make this contribution in May after the Council Elections but Mrs May decided to win a massive majority instead. 

Having secured that mandate, she is now striding the European stage securing concession after concession from European Union members. 

We’re not paying them a penny.  

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Police Scotland's leadership black hole

There has been little good news to come out of our police service over the last four years since the SNP government railroaded through their botched centralisation. This trend has continued over the summer months, when we have seen a series of bad headlines for the police hierarchy, culminating in the meltdown of recent days.

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Willie Rennie's response to the SNP Programme for Government

"Last Saturday afternoon, together with Alex Cole Hamilton, I joined a group of breast cancer survivors called the Port Edgar Dragons.  We were on their magnificent dragon boat Isla May on the River Forth.  They are a wonderful group of women who show gutsy human spirit to improve their health.

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