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Scottish Budget: A missed opportunity to invest in education

The budget is a missed opportunity. It does not do enough to meet the long term needs in the economy. It should have done that by investing in people through education and mental health.

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Time to invest in education like never before

Time to invest in education like never before - Willie Rennie lays out what the forthcoming Scottish budget HAS to include

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READ: Willie Rennie's speech to Autumn Conference 2017

Never has the Con in Conservative been bigger. The Royal College of GPs says Conservative Brexit plans will cost 300 GP posts, but the Scottish Conservatives ignore that and stand on high streets saying they care about GPs. The London School of Economics say Scotland could lose billions because of Brexit yet the Scottish Conservatives claim to be the party of the economy.

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We need liberalism for the 21st Century

We need Liberalism for the 21st century

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READ: Willie Rennie's message as the First Minister apologises to gay men for historic convictions.

Today this Parliament shows respect to all those individuals who were wronged by our laws.

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