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Independence plans threaten childcare progress

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader and leading campaigner for improved childcare provision in Scotland, Willie Rennie MSP, has said that a stronger Scottish Parliament inside the UK provides the brightest hope for expanding childcare.

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Yes camp must end conspiracy of silence on default risks

Yes Scotland is engaged in a conspiracy of silence on the impact that a government default on debts would have on consumer interest rates in an independent Scotland.

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Scots don't deserve to pay for SNP debt grandstanding

Scottish Liberal Democrat Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander has challenged Finance Secretary John Swinney to scrap SNP plans to renege on Scotland's share of the UK national debt in the event of independence.  

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Nationalists can't have it both ways on welfare

Leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats Willie Rennie MSP today hit out at claims made by the Radical Independence Movement that that a yes vote would guarantee a radical new welfare system.

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Why should Scots believe SNP armchair generals?

Former Liberal Democrat leader Sir Menzies Campbell MP today branded SNP Ministers as armchair generals after the former deputy commander of NATO forces in Europe described the defence proposals contained in the independence White Paper as amateurish and dangerous.

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SNP childcare plans falling apart

Claims made by nationalist leader Alex Salmond have caused SNP promises to transform free childcare to fall apart barely hours after they were made.

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The Scottish Liberal Democrats are working hard to create a stronger economy in a fairer society. In the coalition government we have cut income tax, increased the state pension, created more jobs, helped more apprentices get into work, improved childcare and are working to keep Scotland in the UK. Read more