Following an admission from the Finance Secretary that no preparation has been done on the proposal for a workplace parking levy, the Scottish Liberal Democrats have called for the proposal to be ditched.

Scottish Liberal Democrat Leader Willie Rennie said:

“It is astonishing that the Finance Secretary can’t even defend a central plank of his own budget settlement.  The lack of preparation and the lack of answers to the big questions means we can’t possibly support this proposal.  We’re not backing plans scribbled on the back of a car park ticket.

“There has been little thought of the impact on people who live in rural areas, on those who live in urban areas whose streets will be blocked with displaced vehicles and those who can’t get public transport to their work.  There is a real tangle on who should be exempt whether that be teachers, NHS workers or any other type of worker.

“These plans for a workplace parking levy are ill-conceived and impractical. Even the Finance Secretary can’t find it in himself to back the plans even though he has promised to vote them through.

“The analysis is non-existence, the parameters are unclear, the consultation didn’t happen. This is not a progressive or effective tax.

“The Scottish Government and the Greens must ditch these dubious plans immediately. The budget agreement is fundamentally flawed.”

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