Wishart wavers on SNP support for People’s Vote

Scottish Liberal Democrats have today renewed calls for a People’s Vote after it was revealed that SNP MP Pete Wishart has been telling constituents he is unable to support “the motion that proposes that a deal is put to the British people in a confirmatory vote" defying the First Minister’s clear stance in favour of a second referendum.

When pressed by Willie Rennie at FMQs last Thursday the First Minister said “I want to see a People’s Vote in all circumstances”.

Willie Rennie said:

“Pete Wishart’s People’s Vote stance is bewildering. The First Minister has made it abundantly clear that under every Brexit scenario the people should given a confirmatory vote, but it appears not all of her parliamentarians got the memo.

“People want this chaos to stop so they can get on with their lives, free from uncertainty. If politicians can’t build a consensus the people should get to take the final decision on whether to go ahead with Brexit or not.

“Pete Wishart needs to stop wavering. Our country is teetering on the precipice of disaster. It’s well and truly time to put this back to the people.”

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