Wishart: Defeat reveals "little faith" in government's approach to school safety

Speaking after a Scottish Parliament debate on safe schools, Scottish Liberal Democrat education spokesperson Beatrice Wishart MSP said:

"This defeat shows that there is little faith in the Scottish Government's handling of school and staff safety in parliament and even less in classrooms across the country.

The Scottish Government are utterly determined to ignore the vulnerable teachers and staff raising serious and legitimate concerns. As the risk levels have gone up, teachers’ trust in the government has gone down.

"I wrote to the Cabinet Secretary last month to ask him to fix this. I suggested that he imports the framework used in Denmark, where schools have to follow the doctors’ orders on working arrangements. I’m yet to receive a response.

Instead of spending time engaging with and fixing the problem, Scottish Ministers have spent their afternoon pretending that everything is under control. It is hardly surprising that teacher morale is low.

“The Cabinet Secretary needs to stop the bluster and listen to what teachers are telling him.”

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