Wishart challenges Sturgeon to answer questions over SNP failures

Speaking ahead of the visit from Nicola Sturgeon to the Cunningsburgh show, Scottish Liberal Democrat candidate for Shetland Beatrice Wishart said: 

“I’m sure the First Minister will have a wonderful time at the Cunningsburgh Show, it’s a great event.

“Before she arrives, the First Minister should reflect on the SNP’s failure to address the challenges that Shetland faces despite 12 years of the SNP in office. Indeed, the irony of the First Minister praising the SNP candidate’s ‘transport plan’ despite no commitment to deliver it will not be lost on people in Shetland.

“The First Minister should also be prepared to answer the questions that matter;

  1. Does she agree with her candidate that car parking charges at Sumburgh are a mistake and should be abolished? 
  2. Will she reinstate the Air Discount Scheme for Shetlanders travelling on business? 
  3. Will SIC finally receive the full, fair and permanent funding they need for internal ferries? Or will she continue to hold our transport links to ransom to get her budget passed?
  4. If her candidate is elected will he be allowed to vote against holding another independence referendum as the vast majority of Shetlanders would want their MSP to do?

“While the SNP only show up at election time, the Liberal Democrats have worked hard for years on behalf of our communities. Shetlanders have a choice between a Liberal Democrat MSP who will continue to put Shetland first or an SNP one who will have to toe the line and put independence first.”

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