Wishart and Scott kick off campaign at Unstfest

Beatrice Wishart, the Lib Dem candidate for Shetland, is in Unst today kicking off her campaign to win the vacant Shetland seat in the Scottish Parliament. She was joined at Unstfest by former MSP Tavish Scott as they met local people and supported the vibrant community festival in the most northerly part of Shetland.

Beatrice Wishart commented:

“I’m really excited to be launching my campaign in Unst today. This is as far as you can get from Edinburgh, but where some of the decisions made in Scotland’s parliament are most acutely felt.

“My work with the council and in the parliamentary office has made me aware of the problems Shetlanders want sorted.

“I’ll take action to tackle prohibitive transport costs, improve islanders’ access to NHS specialists and fight to preserve Scotland’s precious place in the UK.

Former Shetland MSP Tavish Scott added:

“Unst is the right place to start Beatrice’s campaign for Shetland. There are many island issues to grasp, and they are all the more significant the further from Lerwick, never mind Edinburgh.

“From inter-island ferries, the backbone of Shetland’s transport links, to schools and healthcare, there is lots to do. In the visits today Beatrice has listened to many people and has promised to act. She is off to a flying start in her campaign for Shetland.”

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