Willie Rennie’s New Year’s Message 2020

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie said:

“2020 has been a year like no other. The stresses and strains of it will be etched in our memories for many years to come.

"New Year is usually a point to reflect on a year that’s passed and set new goals for the year ahead. This year that feels different. We have to pause to take stock of the enormity of our loss.  The virus has devastated so many families and ripped the fabric of our liberal society apart too.

"However, we can be proud, proud of the effort we’ve made as communities and as a wider society across the country to keep each other safe and cheerful in such dark times, and proud of all those who have been involved in the biggest scientific effort in history to get us out of this.

"At long last we have the chance to look forward to a new year, one that is looking more and more hopeful and bright. But just like last year I urge you to look out for neighbours and friends as we wait for the government to get this vaccine out to every household, hospital and care home as quick as humanly possible.

"The crisis demands our focus, our undivided attention, needle sharp precision. It needs us to work in partnership for recovery. To put the recovery first.

"I believe the world can be better after this pandemic. At next year's elections the people of Scotland can make that happen by voting for the Liberal Democrats. 

"If the SNP get to push forward with another independence referendum, recovery will play second fiddle just like everything else has.

“People on long hospital waiting lists want faster treatment. Parents want affordable childcare and good nursery education. Young people desperate for work want a job. Pupils deserve the best education around. Our planet needs action to halt climate change.

“Patients, parents, young people, pupils and the planet can’t wait in the long queue behind a long independence debate.  They need action now.  Recovery must come first.  

“And Liberal Democrats will put it first. I hope you have a very happy new year.”

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