Willie Rennie's New Year message

Leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats Willie Rennie MSP said:

“It's hard to imagine that this year could match last year. I suspect on the sporting front it will certainly be difficult. 

"In politics, experts often underestimate the strong minds of voters to do what they want, rather than what those experts predict. 

“After his two week long retirement, our former First Minister has posed the big test for the year ahead. Alex Salmond wants to use May's General Election to rerun the referendum he just lost. And he wants to secure independence by the back door with his unstable, extreme form of devolution. But putting his party's policy ahead of local interests might not be what is wanted by the people of Gordon.

“I’ve been encouraged that voters of all persuasions are rallying behind our candidate Christine Jardine to put local interests ahead of the interests of Alex Salmond.

“The same contest will be repeated right across Scotland. I want to put local interests first - building a stronger economy and a fairer society to create opportunity for everyone.  I know that our MPs, with their powerful track records, are best placed to win and win for their communities.

“It is important because there is so much at stake. Thanks to our place in government we have an economy that is now growing, there are millions of new  jobs, taxes have been cut for millions of low and middle earners, pensions have gone up for millions and big powers have been delivered for Scotland.  The combination of a stronger economy and a fairer society is something that would not be possible without the Liberal Democrats.

 “We have kept but reformed Scotland's relationship with the rest of the United Kingdom and got our country back on track.  I am relishing the opportunity to secure and build on the progress our country has made.”

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