Willie Rennie frustrated at £100 million cut to core school budget

Willie Rennie MSP has expressed anger at the prospect of a more than £100 million cut to the core school budget and disbelief that the Cabinet Secretary for Education has dismissed the concerns. 

While questioning the Cabinet Secretary for Education during a meeting of the Scottish Parliament education committee, Willie Rennie explained that figures showed there would be a real-terms cut of £268 million to local authority budgets. Local authorities spend approximately half of their budget on education, leading to fears of a significant impact on schools. 

The North East Fife MSP and education spokesperson for the Scottish Liberal Democrats said: 

“The Minister should not be defending this cut to the core school budget. She should be arguing for an increase.

“It is clear there will be a £268 million cut to council budgets. Councillors across the country are angry about this. I’m angry about this. I can’t understand why she isn’t angry. 

“Schools are reeling from the pandemic, are battling to close the attainment gap and raise Scottish education back up the international rankings. The last thing they need is a £100million cut to the core school budget.  

“Teachers, pupils and parents across the country will listen to what the Cabinet Secretary for Education said in the committee hearing and come to the conclusion that she isn’t standing up for Scottish education.” 

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