White Paper typo another headache for nationalist campaign

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie has said that an error found in the SNP’s white paper currency plans is yet another headache for the nationalists' independence campaign. Mr Rennie said that people will not stand for Alex Salmond’s refusal to set out basic facts on his Plan B for currency.

Commenting, Mr Rennie said:

"Alex Salmond said that his white paper is the most comprehensive blueprint for an independent country ever published. He claimed p110 holds the basic truths on his currency plans but we've now learned it contains basic errors.

“Thousands of households have been given information on currency which is patently false. It seems the nationalists' white paper is a mirror image of Alex Salmond’s case for independence: full of errors, paper thin and a work of fiction.

“This embarrassing blunder from the nationalists, coming to light only 40 days from the vote, is yet another headache for their campaign which is increasingly becoming marred by infighting and secrecy. People will not stand for Alex Salmond’s refusal to set out the basic facts on his Plan B for currency."

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