Wheels falling off the clown car within 24 hours of new SNP separation push

Responding to the Deputy First Minister’s interview on Good Morning Scotland, Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Alex Cole-Hamilton said: 

“First sources close to Nicola Sturgeon suggested she wanted a majority of votes in a future general election to act as a mandate to kick off separation negotiations. Now the Deputy First Minister suggests he wants a majority of Scottish MPs. Meanwhile Lorna Slater just wants someone to explain what a de facto referendum is. 

“We’re less than 24 hours into the nationalist’s latest cunning wheeze and already the wheels are falling off the clown car. 

“They seem to have conceded that they are heading for a defeat in court and so they are brainstorming barmy schemes for what comes next. There’s no way the international community would recognise Scotland’s separation based on the nationalists winning 30 MPs on 35% of the vote. They could go backwards and still claim victory.

“In the week in which Scotland recorded its worst figures for both cancer waits and sexual crimes, the SNP need to get their priorities straight.” 

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