Moore: we need real change for Scotland

Speaking in the House of Commons debate today on devolution following the referendum, Scottish Liberal Democrat MP Michael Moore urged MPs to come together to deliver real change for Scotland.

Mr Moore, who negotiated the Edinburgh Agreement as Secretary of State for Scotland, has been selected to take part in cross-party talks as part of Lord Smith’s Devolution Commission. Lord Smith is aiming to produce a set of recommendations on further devolution by November 30.

Speaking in the Commons today, Mr Moore said:

“The people of Scotland voted resoundingly in favour of remaining in the United Kingdom but there is a clear desire, across the country, for more powers and greater devolution.

“Devolution has developed over time and I am looking forward to taking part in Lord Smith’s Commission and make the Liberal Democrat case for Home Rule.

“I want further devolution to equip the Scottish Parliament with the fiscal powers to raise for itself most of the resources it spends. This would give the Parliament the power to do things differently, to have a nimble and responsive government and one which can take significant decisions for the economy and for fairness.

“Ultimately, we need a settlement that meets the aspirations of the people of Scotland and delivers real change for Scotland while maintaining the stability we enjoy as part of the UK.”

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