Vow Max is good day for Scotland, home rule and Liberal Democrats

Leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats Willie Rennie has today hailed the most significant transfer of powers to the Scottish Parliament since its creation as the “Vow Max”.

A bold new package on welfare and tax powers will see the creation of a new Scottish welfare system with some £2.5billion of powers for the Scottish Parliament.

Liberal Democrats led the way with their plans for a stronger Scotland in the UK, being first out the blocks with the publication of Sir Menzies Campbell’s Home Rule Commission in 2012.

The Smith Commission marked the first time all five parties sat around the table to deliver more powers for Scotland.

Speaking after Lord Smith announced the new package of powers in Edinburgh today, Mr Rennie said:

 "Today is a good day for Scotland, for home rule and for the Liberal Democrats.

“We have secured an all-party agreement for a bold package of new powers. We made the weather on more powers from the beginning. From launching our Campbell report in 2012 to making the case for welfare in the negotiations. 

“These powers create a Scottish welfare system and give the Scottish Parliament the financial muscle it needs.

“With £20billion tax powers and £2.5billion new welfare powers this is a big deal for Scotland.

“As former Secretary of State for Scotland Michael Moore was critical to the success of the negotiations. As former party leader Tavish Scott added the essential ingredient to secure this all party agreement.  

“Liberal Democrats argued for these home rule powers - and we won the case inside the Smith Commission.

“You might call this big deal Vow Max as this all party agreement delivers on the Vow – and more."

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