Why you should vote Lib Dem on Thursday

Earlier in the campaign I was film some short clips for BBC Scotland on some of the big choices that Scotland is facing at this election.

On education, I set out the Lib Dem plan for a transformational investment in early years’ education, schools and colleges.

On health, we will boost investment in GPs and – crucially – change the way that we support people struggling with mental ill health.

On jobs, we need to close the skills gap that has left businesses unable to hire the staff they need.

On the environment, we need urgent action to reach our green goals and ensure that we do not miss our climate change targets for a fifth year in a row.

And the last thing we need is a groundhog day debate on independence. That will not help Scotland be the best again.

Liberal Democrats want Scotland to be the best again. That means investing in public services like education and our NHS right now. If you like what I had to say then you need to vote for it on Thursday.

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