Uncertainty over second referendum must come to an end

Former Liberal Democrat leader Charles Kennedy today told Nicola Sturgeon that the uncertainty which exists over a second referendum must come to an end as he joined Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie MSP and Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander in Inverness.

Speaking before returning to the campaign trail in Ross-shire and Lochaber, Mr Kennedy said:

"The uncertainty that exists over another referendum must come to an end.  We settled the issue last September and need to move onto the big issues that now face our country.

"Yet Nicola Sturgeon's refusal to rule it out is causing great anxiety. Divisions in communities, economic consequences and the government taking its eye off the ball are just some of the problems which come with a second referendum.

"Nicola Sturgeon has the power to put all of this uncertainty to bed. All she needs to do keep the promise she made time and again during the referendum and rule out a second independence vote. Nicola Sturgeon should stop ducking and weaving and give a clear answer.

"Liberal Democrats have delivered economic progress combined with fairness in the centre ground.  The last thing we need is to walk away from the progress that we have made and return to the uncertainty of a second referendum.

“The choice that voters face in the eleven Liberal Democrat seats is clear. Do we want stability, unity and decency in government with the Liberal Democrats or uncertainty and division with the SNP? I think that the answer is clear and we will return a strong Scottish Liberal Democrat team to Parliament on Thursday.”


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