Trump decision on WHO funding is dereliction of duty

Responding to news that Donald Trump has halted US funding to the World Health Organisation, Liberal Democrat Foreign Affairs spokesperson Alistair Carmichael said:

"Trump's decision to halt funding for the World Health Organisation at this moment is a dereliction of duty and puts lives at risk around the world. Instead of taking the opportunity to show leadership the global battle against this virus, it seems that Trump would rather bury his head in the sand and sideline international efforts to stem the spread of coronavirus in some of the world's poorest countries.

"This approach is deeply short-sighted. Covid-19, like any other virus, does not respect national borders. Effectively tackling the pandemic requires global cooperation like never before. The World Health Organisation is the organisation every nation should be working closely with in order to streamline action and get a grip on this public health crisis as quickly as possible.

"The UK has a duty to lead and the Foreign Secretary must do everything in his power to bring the US President back on board in supporting the efforts of the World Health Organisation. The Government must do everything possible to ensure this vital institution is not undermined at the moment we need it most." 

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