Transformative plans for childcare

By Ryan Cairns, Apr 15, 2021 2:04

For so many people, the cost of childcare simply makes returning to work impossible. This hurts our economy and deprives our workforce of a vital pool of talent.

As we build back from the pandemic, we cannot go back to how things used to be. People deserve better. 

The choice for parents now is simply not good enough. That is why Liberal Democrats are proposing a transformational change to our economy. We will:

  • Close the gap between the end of paid parental leave and the start of free childcare provision. It will finally give parents more choice about when they return to work and unlock their untapped potential for our economy.

Well-supported childcare has helped Sweden achieve the third highest economic participation rate among OECD countries, and the second highest for women.

There can be no excuse. It can be done, and Willie Rennie’s Liberal Democrats will fight to get it done. 

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