Time to offer virus testing to more groups of workers

Scottish Liberal Democrat Willie Rennie has today called on the Scottish Government to expand the number of groups eligible for testing to include more groups as it was revealed that a number of testing facilities were not hitting their capacity.

Only key workers in the health and social care sectors can currently get PCR tests to see whether they currently have the virus.

Mr Rennie said:

"We need a national effort to expand testing if we are to begin to get life back to normal. 

"Both the Scottish and UK Government say they want to ramp up testing but testing facilities are not being used to their maximum potential.

"The time has come for the Scottish Government to open up these facilities for other groups of workers beyond front line NHS and care staff.

“Police officers and firefighters along with waste staff on councils could perhaps be the next group to get access to the tests.  The tests could allow workers to quickly get back to work if they are found to be negative for the virus.  It might also help supermarket workers and those in the food supply chain too. 

We have a vast effort ahead of us to wipe out this virus, we should be preparing to test and trace on a far greater scale.”

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