Thousands of P1 tests conducted against Parliament’s wishes

Scottish Liberal Democrat education spokesperson Tavish Scott MSP today revealed that thousands of P1 national tests have been conducted in breach of a majority vote by the Scottish Parliament to halt the tests.

A Scottish Liberal Democrat freedom of information request has shown that 5,658 literacy tests and 5,870 numeracy tests were completed between last September, when the Scottish Parliament instructed that they be halted, and the Easter holidays.

All the opposition parties united to defeat the Scottish Government and demand the halting of P1 national tests on 19 September 2018. Despite this, tens of thousands of more tests are expected to take place in the coming weeks.

Tavish Scott commented:

“As the Scottish Parliament this week celebrates its 20th anniversary, the SNP Government shows sheer contempt for the democratic decision the “national” parliament has made. 

“Parliament voted to halt the national testing of four and five-year-old children. But that has been breached 11,528 times already. Tens of thousands more tests will happen over the coming weeks.

“The First Minister can’t pretend to be the protector of the Parliament’s powers while at the same time ignoring its unambiguous decision.

“Teachers are clear that these national tests for P1s tell them nothing they do not already know. They are exasperated by what a waste of time they are. The Education Committee’s recent report confirmed that there was no evidence for the imposition of testing on Scotland’s youngest school children.

“These national tests need to be scrapped and we need a government who accept the will of parliament, not treat it with contempt.”

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