Thousands of children from EU being left in legal limbo

Thousands of children of EU nationals living in Scotland have not been offered permanent residency in the UK, official figures have revealed.  The Liberal Democrats have accused the government of leaving families from the EU in “legal limbo” and throwing people’s lives into uncertainty.

Of the 12,630 EU nationals below the age of 18 in Scotland who have applied for settled status in the UK, only 6,240 - fewer than half  - have been offered permanent residency. Another 3,160 were granted pre-settled status, which only gives the temporary right to stay in the UK, while 3,230 are still waiting for a final decision to be made.

In total 92,770 EU nationals in Scotland have applied for settled status, only 50,630 of which have been offered permanent residency. 

Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Home Affairs Christine Jardine said:

“Today’s statistics on settled status serve as further proof – as if any was needed – that this Conservative Government does not care about EU citizens, including children.

"It’s a disgrace that the Government is leaving these children in limbo. These are the lives of thousands of children across the UK which are being thrown into uncertainty by the Conservatives inability to offer any clarity in.

"Brexit clearly risks creating another Windrush-style scandal and the Conservatives simply cannot be trusted to ensure that EU citizens have their rights protected.

"The Liberal Democrats are clear. We want to stop Brexit, protect the rights of EU citizens who are our friends and family and build a brighter future.”

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