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Just Announced: Extra £108m investment in colleges
 We're investing an extra £108m in colleges
Today we’ve announced plans to invest £108m a year in colleges, funded by our penny for education policy. Find out more about what it'll do & how we'll pay for it here:
WATCH: Widening access to universities
Watch Liam quiz the FM on access to universities
At #FMQs this week, Liam McArthur quizzed the First Minister over the widening access to universities report - and why she won't back our plans to invest in schools, colleges & nurseries. Watch the video here:
Rennie: Budget leaves a sour taste in the mouth
Budget leaves a sour taste
This week George Osborne stood up and delivered his latest budget in the House of Commons.

The headlines focused on a new sugar tax that will increase the cost of fizzy drinks like Irn Bru. But as well as the sweet stuff there were plenty of measures that will leave a sour taste in the mouth. Read more here:
Quick Read: Lessons must be learned on Forth Bridge closure
Lessons must be learned on FRB closure
Willie responds to the report into the closure of the Forth Road Bridge - and calls for lessons to be learned to prevent a repeat in the future:
ICMYI: SNP abstain on key snooper's charter vote
SNP abstained on the snooper's charter
After telling everyone for months that they'd kill off on the snooper's charter, the SNP abstained on Wednesday night.

Just 15 MPs voted against - but had Labour & the SNP joined us and voted against, we'd have defeated the bill & sent the Tories packing. Will you share this GIF today & spread the word?
What is the snooper's charter - and why does it matter?
What is the snooper's charter?
Get the facts on the snooper's charter, what it is, why it's important and how it will affect you:
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