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{{ recipient.first_name_or_friend }}, we launched our manifesto today. Here's what you need to know:

Today we launched our manifesto today and it's a bold, positive plan to make Scotland the best again. Here's what you need to know.
We'll invest in Scotland's nurseries, schools and colleges:
 We'll invest in education
Our plans will invest half a billion pounds in improving nurseries, schools and colleges, paid for by our penny for education. Find out more here:
We'll transform how we treat mental health and tackle the GP crisis:
 We'll get serious about mental health
Our plans will transform how we treat mental health in Scotland and tackle the GP crisis. Find out more here:
We'll protect civil liberties & reverse centralisation:
 We'll protect civil liberties & reverse centralisation
Our plans will protect your civil liberties, reform the Police and reverse the SNP's centralisation of Scotland. Read more here:
We'll protect our environment
 We'll protect the environment
Our plans will mean Scotland finally meets its climate change targets and investment in warmer homes for all. Read more here:
We'll free public sector workers to perform
 Freedom for the public sector
Our plans will free public sector workers from top-down targets and let them do their jobs. Find out more here:
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