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Your round up of the week in Scottish Politics, from the Scottish Lib Dems:
Watch: Wille's question at FMQs
WATCH: Willie challenges First Minister on Council Cuts
At this week's First Minister's questions, Willie challenged Nicola Sturgeon on her council cuts. Watch him here.
Quick Read: Answers needed on Police Spying:
We need clarity on Police spying
Alison McInnes on the latest twists & turns in the Police spying saga. Read it here.
Longer Read: Tories trying to silence opposition
Jim Wallace on the Tories attempt to stifle opposition
Jim Wallace warns that the Tories changes to the Lords, FOI & short money show a worrying authoritarian streak in the Tories. Read it here.
Meet the candidate: Robert Brown
Meet Robert Brown - our lead candidate for Glasgow region
This week, meet Robert Brown, our lead list candidate for the Glasgow region & find out why he's standing again.
Something to share: 152,000 fewer college students
College student numbers fall again
Figures out this week show college student numbers have fallen - yet again. Sign the petition today: scotlibdems.org.uk/colleges
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