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Watch: The Highlights of Willie's Question Time Appearance
 Watch the highlights from Willie's Question Time appearance
Willie Rennie was on Question Time from Dundee this week and we've put together a highlight reel of the best bits of the night. Watch it
Quick Read: Farmers need the money they're owed
 Scotland's farmers need the money they're owed - read more here:
For months, Farmers have been waiting to receive money they're owed. Three months late, more than half are still waiting for the money they desperately need. Enough is enough, we need to support our farmers and the Scottish Government need to pay up, before it's too late:
Willie: "GERS figures are a crushing blow to the SNP's economic credibility"
 The GERS figures are damning for the SNP's credibility
As new economic figures show an independent Scotland would have faced a deficit larger than what we spend on the NHS every year, Willie Rennie writes on how the figures have wrecked the SNP's economic credibility. Read more
Katy Gordon marks International Women's Day
 Katy Gordon reflects on International Women's Day
Our lead list candidate for the West of Scotland marked International Women's day by reflecting on the progress we've made, as a party and a country and the work we still need to do:
Sign the petition: Pay our farmers now!
 Sign the petition: Pay our farmers now!
Scotland's farmers need the money they're owed. Agree? Sign this petition today and help us pressure the SNP into acting fast:
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