The Round Up - 080416

It's been a busy week on the campaign trail, so here's your round up of everything you need to know:
Is it a bird, is it a plane?
 No, it's Willie Rennie!
On Monday, Willie Rennie visited Go Ape in the Glentress Forrest to launch our plan for the environment - and took on their zip-line. Find out more about the plans - and watch Willie fly through the air here:
John Swinney's Magic Money tractor:
 Watch Alex in the tax debate
On Tuesday night, Alex Cole-Hamilton took on John Swinney and finance spokespeople from the other parties in a debate on party's plans on tax - and he had the best line of the night, challenging John Swinney over his "magic money tractor". Intrigued? Watch the highlights from the debate:
Huge questions to answer over Chinese deal
 Serious questions to answer over China deal
Over the week the saga of the Scottish Government's deal with a Chinese company has unfolded - with it being revealed that the SNP did no checks on the company they'd signed a memorandum of understanding worth up to £10bn. One of the companies that signed the deal has been accused of massive corruption. Find out how the saga unfolded and the questions still to be answered here:
Giving our children the best education in the world:
 Watch our latest video
Last night, our latest broadcast was on TV, it focused on our bold plans to invest half a billion pounds in Scotland's schools, colleges and nurseries. Missed it? Watch it again here:
ICYMI: 56 reasons (and counting) to vote Lib Dem in May:
 56 reasons & counting to vote Lib Dem
Wondering why you should vote Liberal Democrat on the 5th of May? Here's 56 reasons (and counting) why you should:
Rennie: "We're set to grow"
 Donate today and help us grow
We've had a great election campaign so far and Willie's been doing a fantastic job - and that's a big part of why the last two election polls have shown us growing that this election. We've got an excellent chance to grow at this election - help us keep our momentum going, donate today:
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