The Round Up - 010416

It's been a busy first week of the election and this is your:
WATCH: Highlights from the 2nd leader's debate
Highlights from the 2nd leader's debate
The Mail, Courier and P&J all called the second debate for Willie - and he did a fantastic job. Watch the highlights from his appearance here:
Quick Read: Paws for thought on mental health
With the help of four fantastic (and very cute) therapets, Willie announced plans plans for every GP practice will be able to have an additional qualified mental health professional to support and treat patients. Find out more here:
Sign the petition: Let's have more leader's debates
After Tuesday's debate, the public wont' get to hear from the leaders for another month - and that's not good enough. The debates have revealed more than any amount of photoshoots or press releases ever can - that's why we're calling for another set of debates in April.

Agree? Sign this petition today:
56 reasons (and counting) to vote Scottish Liberal Democrat:
Wondering why you should vote Liberal Democrat on the 5th of May? Here's 56 reasons (and counting) why you should:
From the road: what Willie's been up to this week
What Willie's been up to this week
From the road: Here's what Willie's been up to this week. Like what we've been doing & saying? Then pledge your vote today:
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