The Health Secretary “dropping the ball” on NHS dentists

Responding to the British Dental Association Scotland warning that the Scottish government's plans for NHS dental services will decimate the service, Scottish Liberal Democrat leader and health spokesperson Alex Cole-Hamilton said:

"The Health Secretary has once again dropped the ball on handling the dentistry profession.

"In 2019 I revealed patients were waiting up to 243 weeks for dental treatment and called on the Health Secretary to take urgent action to get services back on track. Since then the challenges faced by dentists have only got greater.

“Instead of listening to the recommendations of those dentists who have been working through the pandemic, the Health Secretary gave them inadequate solutions, that will see dentists and patients alike suffer. 

“We are still in a pandemic and there is a real risk that removing support lead more practitioners to leave the NHS.

"Meanwhile patients will be forced to go private or if they can't afford to do so, might postpone their visit, and potentially suffer long term damage. 

“Liberal Democrats were instrumental in introducing free dental checks in Scotland and in pressing for a new dental school to address the shortage of dentists, particularly in remote and rural areas of Scotland. As a result, we’ve made progress as a country. That is all being undone by the SNP. Scottish Liberal Democrats will stand up for NHS staff and patients and hold the government accountable for their decisions."


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