Scottish education needs certainty not a tax gamble

To be the best again Scottish education needs transformational investment.

Liberal Democrats have been crystal clear about our plans to use the tax powers of the Scottish Parliament to achieve investment of £475m in our education system.

But the first leaders’ debate left Scotland confused about the SNP 50p policy, and which services the Tories would cut to pay for their tax plans.

Nicola’s position on the top rate of tax is clear as mud.

Earlier this week she ruled out a rise in the top rate of tax only to tell us that she wanted a return to the 50p rate when she was put on the spot.

Ruth Davidson wants tax cuts for the highest earners but she has been silent over where her axe will fall.

Civil service estimates say that copying George Osborne’s tax plans could leave Scottish public services facing a £330m annual shortfall by the end of the next Parliament.

The Tories need to come clean over where they want the axe to fall.

On schools? On childcare support? It is time for Ruth Davidson to break her silence.

We need answers from both the Tories and the nationalists during the next TV debate on Tuesday.

Otherwise it is clear that they are happy asking Scots to take a gamble on the future of education in Scotland.

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