Swinson writes to Home Office over no deal visas

Liberal Democrat deputy leader Jo Swinson has today written to the Home Secretary over Home Office proposals to introduce non-extendable 36-month visas in case of no-deal. Ms Swinson warned that these proposals would clearly damage Scottish universities who run four year undergraduate courses.

Jo Swinson said:

"The Scottish University system is a world leader in part because it attracts students from all over the globe who enrich our culture and help grow our economy, but the Government's new visa plan risks damaging that reputation.

"The Home Secretary is asking students who want to study in Scotland to commit to a four-year course with only a guarantee of a non-extendable three-year visa. He has a degree in economics, so he doesn't need me to tell him that four into three just doesn't work.

"The Home Secretary likes to talk about building an immigration system that attracts the best and the brightest, but what message does it send to students looking to come here when we won't even guarantee them a visa long enough to cover their studies?

"The Government need to urgently rethink their plans and guarantee these students leave to remain to not just complete their studies, but to potentially stay here and contribute to our economy in the years after they graduate."

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