Swinson urges crackdown on Islamophobia

Liberal Democrat deputy leader Jo Swinson has today highlighted the case of a 10 year old girl afraid to leave the house because of recent high profile threats against Muslims and urged the Scottish and UK governments to clamp down on Islamophobia.

Jo Swinson said:

"It's deeply disheartening that a 10 year old girl is afraid to go outside, just because of her faith. 

"The impact of rising bigotry in our country is heart-breaking. It's important that we all send love to Muslim friends and fellow citizens today. 

"The idea of a punish a Muslim day is abhorrent. Yet in spite of this communities have shown huge strength in their response to such hatred and in their support for one another. Now the Scottish and UK Governments must ensure that the people behind such appalling behaviour are tracked down and feel the full force of the law."

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