Swinson to warn of imminent independence threat at Edinburgh rally

With one week to go until polling day, Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson will address activists at a rally in Edinburgh and warn that there is the threat of a fresh Scottish independence referendum unless the Liberal Democrats defeat nationalist MPs at the forthcoming election.

Jo Swinson is expected to say:

"We know that Brexit will make us poorer. It will hurt our NHS. It will make it harder to tackle the climate crisis and it will weaken our environmental protections and workers’ rights.

"For the last three and a half years, the SNP have had front row seats watching the Conservatives fail to get Brexit done.

"They’ve seen that breaking up is hard to do but instead of learning the lessons, the SNP want to repeat the mistakes

"They’ve watched how hard it is to break up a union of 40 years, and they still want to try and break up one of more than 300 years.

"And if the SNP win in the seats we are fighting, they will announce an independence referendum within days. That is not in Scotland’s best interest.

"Perhaps Nicola Sturgeon should spend a little less time banging on about independence, and a little more time on sorting out our hospitals and mental health services."

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