Swinson to demand a new Geneva convention

The Liberal Democrats will today [16/09/2018] set out their strategic goals to restore Britain’s place as a leader in improving the lives of people around the world, including a new ‘Geneva Convention’ for modern warfare.

Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats, Jo Swinson, is expected to warn her party conference that “all around the world, small-minded, populist leaders are sprouting up. Feeding off fear and lies. Undermining the international order.”

The Liberal Democrat Foreign Affairs spokesperson will urge delegates to “demand a vision for a country that is proud of its history, not stuck in the past.”

The proposals to be debated by members include:
  • the promotion of an international treaty on principles and limits of the use of technology in modern warfare, including cyber, AI and drones.
  • new legislation to ensure a meaningful parliamentary vote before any wars.
  • a call for an immediate suspension of new arms contracts to Saudi Arabia.
Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats Jo Swinson will say:

"Recent cyber-attacks on businesses and civil infrastructure traced to Russia show that cyber-defence must be considered the new civil defence.

“That is why Liberal Democrats are determined to take forward radical new ideas, including a new ‘Geneva Convention’ for modern warfare.

“It is paramount that the UK work with our partners to develop international rules that limit new technology such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), drones and cyber.

“That is the leadership we need from our country. But instead we have a Conservative Government failing to stand up to bullies, be they in the Oval Office or the Kremlin. Liberal Democrats demand better.”

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