Swinson: Scottish nationalists have a one track mind

Liberal Democrat deputy leader and MP for East Dunbartonshire Jo Swinson has today used her speech to the party's autumn conference to warn that the SNP are manouvering to turn Brexit into the break up of the UK as she urged supporters of all the major parties to come together to stop Brexit.
Jo Swinson said:
"Brexit is taking longer than David Davis ever told us it would. It is costing us more than Michael Gove ever told us it would. It will make us poorer than Boris Johnson ever told us it would. 

"And Labour are backing the government every step of the way. Jeremy Corbyn is letting the Prime Minister off the hook.

"My message to him is very clear: Jeremy, grow a backbone, stand up for the millions of people who voted for you and help us stop Brexit.

"The SNP are no better. They make all the right noises about wanting to stay in the European Union, but actions speak louder than words. We have asked them time and time again to back a People’s Vote on the deal. The reality is that Scottish nationalists have a one-track mind. While the country edges closer to the precipice, they’re manoeuvering to turn Brexit into the breakup of the UK.

"Brexit is far from a done deal - it can be stopped. Every single day, my fellow MPs and I are doing everything we can to secure an exit from Brexit. That’s our promise to you. But we need your help too.

"We need every single one of you out there who wants a better future for our country and who wants to stop the government’s nightmare Brexit to join our fight.

"To you all I say, our door is open, come join us."

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