Swinson: Only Lib Dems will keep Scottish jobs and the economy strong inside the UK and EU

On a visit to a local business in Glasgow this morning, the Liberal Democrat former business minister Jo Swinson set out the positive steps the party would take to support the economy and jobs.

This comes after the most recent GDP figures show Scotland on the edge of recession. The Scottish unemployment figures, published again today, have wavered over recent months, showing the patchy performance of the Scottish economy.

Jo Swinson said that the Liberal Democrats are now the only party campaigning to stay in both the UK and EU single markets, each of which supports business and jobs in Scotland.

Commenting, Jo Swinson said:

"The Conservative hard Brexit puts at risk up to 80,000 Scottish jobs, according to the respected Fraser of Allander Institute.

"The SNP want to break up the UK single market that is worth four times as much.

"Labour voted with UKIP at Westminster to support hard Brexit.

"The Liberal Democrats are calling on the Scottish Government to focus on education as the best route to a strong economy, instead of their obsession with independence which has distracted them.

"Our UK Liberal Democrat manifesto being launched today will propose a new start-up allowance to help budding entrepreneurs in Scotland with living costs in their first six months running a business.

"We will also expand the work of the British Business Bank. This already helps 2000 companies in Scotland to grow and create jobs.

"We are the only party that will work to keep Scottish business in the UK and EU markets, and offer practical support for business and a transformative investment in education."

Liberal Democrat plans that would give a ‘start-up allowance’ to help budding entrepreneurs with living costs in the first six months of setting up their business.

The state-owned British Business Bank provides loan support to make it easier for firms to borrow and operates across the whole UK.

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