Swinson on Salmond situation

Commenting on the Salmond investigation, Liberal Democrat MP Jo Swinson said:

“The allegations against Alex Salmond are extremely serious.

“People on all sides of the political divide need to resist the temptation to make party political capital from a situation involving allegations of sexual harassment. Supporters of Scottish independence should abandon unionist conspiracy theories and supporters of the UK should be wary of immediately branding the SNP leadership of complicity.

“What’s important now is that the police investigation is able to proceed unimpinged by political pressure. And it should proceed irrespective of the outcome of the Court of Session case. Any flaws in the internal government process do not trump the imperative of a thorough investigation of the allegations by the police.

“At the heart of this issue are two women who have raised distressing concerns about workplace harassment and we all have a duty to ensure their claims are properly explored.

“People who have been victims of sexual harassment are watching how these allegations are managed and responded to by the authorities and politicians. Collectively we must never do anything that deters or discourages people from reporting sexual harassment. We should be wary of inflammatory words and partisan statements which distract from the matter at hand and could discourage women and men who have experienced similar situations from coming forward.”

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