Swinson: 'Monumental' court decision deems UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia unlawful

Congratulating the CAAT on their successful case against the Conservative government’s arms sales to Saudi Arabia, Liberal Democrat Foreign Affairs spokesperson Jo Swinson said:

“Saudi Arabia is an enemy of British values, including human rights and the rule of law. Their repeated violation and disregard for human rights should have ruled them out as an arms trading partner long ago.

“Instead the Conservative government have continued to export arms and equipment to this brutal regime. The situation is inexcusable and cannot continue. 
“This court ruling is monumental. 
"It is now clear for all to see: the UK arms sales to the Saudi regime are unlawful. The Liberal Democrats are clear that the only acceptable course of action by the Tory Government is to suspend them immediately, rather than continuing to allow arm sales to a country which is targeting innocent civilians."

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