Swinson: Employers must be held to account over gender pay gap

Responding to a new YouGov survey for Young Women's Trust that 30% of employers have not tried to reduce their gender pay gap, Liberal Democrat Deputy Leader Jo Swinson said: 

“It is disappointing that one in three organisations have not tried to improve their gender pay gap. 
“Gender pay gap reporting has injected transparency in the debate on pay and equality in the workplace. But publishing numbers is not enough.
“We must require employers to also report what they will do to reduce the gap in their organisations, so that employees and consumers can hold them to account when they fail to improve. 
“The Government must also provide better guidance and support to employers on how they can close their gender pay gap."

Jo Swinson MP was Employment Relations Minister during the Coalition Government and secured the introduction of gender pay gap reporting for organisations with more than 250 employees
Since last summer, Swinson has also been campaigning for companies to publish their parental leave and pay policies on their websites and as part of their gender pay gap reporting. Greater transparency on these policies will help reduce the level of discrimination against pregnant women and new mothers in the workplace.

Currently 54,000 women lose their jobs every year in the UK because of this type of discrimination.

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