Supporters of devolution can find a good home in the Liberal Democrats

People across Scotland opposed to independence but appalled by Boris Johnson’s views about devolution can find a good home in the Liberal Democrats.  That’s the view of the Leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats, Willie Rennie

Mr Rennie said: 

“In 2016 Ruth Davidson was able to appeal to a wide range of moderate people in Scotland who wanted to keep the U.K. together and to use the powers of the Scottish Parliament to make Scotland a fairer and more prosperous place to live and to raise their families. 

"Boris Johnson has now evicted these reasonable people from the political home that Ruth Davidson - supported by David Cameron - built for them. 

"Under my leadership they are welcome in the Liberal Democrats, where we can focus together on Scotland’s recovery from the virus.  

“Boris Johnson’s views on devolution will appal moderate, reasonable people. By describing it as a disaster takes the Conservatives all the way back to the 1980s when they stood alone against the creation of the Scottish Parliament. 

“Devolution is embedded in Scottish political life and is vital if we are to keep Scotland in the United Kingdom.  Boris Johnson is out of touch and careless with the future of the United Kingdom.  

“I am making a direct appeal to people who are supporters of devolution and opponents of independence. All those who want a strong Scottish Parliament that is focused on economic and social recovery, working within the United Kingdom should back the Liberal Democrats in next year’s Scottish Parliamentary elections. We represent the third way in Scottish politics as people don’t have to choose between the chaos of independence and the chaos of Boris Johnson.” 

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