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NHS and care staff across Scotland are putting their lives on the line to look after us.

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We've launched a plan for a comprehensive package of support for the NHS and social care workers on the frontline of the coronavirus crisis. 

Want to know more about our frontline support package and how it'd work? Read this article to learn more:

NHS staff, care staff and other frontline workers across Scotland are putting their lives on the line to look after us. Liberal Democrats believe the Government must look after them too.

That’s why we’re setting out a plan to give frontline workers the support they need and the recognition they deserve as they get us through this appalling coronavirus crisis. Liberal Democrats believe Ministers must learn lessons from how our military recognise frontline service and step up the support for NHS and care staff.


With fighting coronavirus requiring ever more from these amazing people, it’s time government listened and backed them with a Frontline Support Package:-

1: Personal protection kit now. We need to ensure frontline workers are protected. Right now health workers are concerned that stocks of personal protective equipment might run out, while residential and home care staff feel they are the last in line to get supplies. The Scottish Government need to guarantee the supply chain for our hospitals and social care workers to ensure that they can tackle each shift with all the fresh kit they need.

2: Mental health support for frontline staff. In January, before the virus even hit, research from the Scottish Liberal Democrats showed 45 million days have been lost in the NHS because of staff mental ill health. The stress was always bad, but it is close to unbearable for those workers facing trauma and death every day. A new, dedicated staff mental health and trauma helpline for frontline workers, which gets them straight to a trauma-trained counsellor is needed.

3: Frontline service reward. Military service personnel receive a deployment allowance of £29 per day on active duty in addition to their normal pay. We believe the same principle should apply to NHS and care staff putting themselves in harm’s way during the coronavirus epidemic. Care workers in particular aren’t paid enough to begin with, so it’s time we recognise the efforts of these workers in financial terms.

4: Bereavement and funeral support. We need to recognise the sacrifice that some workers might end up making. The NHS has a “death in service” scheme – but it’s not as generous as the military's and many workers on the coronavirus frontline aren’t eligible. Ministers must ensure every NHS and care worker becomes eligible so they know their families will be supported. Ministers should also agree to pay for all the funerals of key workers who die trying to protect others from Covid 19. 

5: A Coronavirus Service Medal. Workers on the coronavirus frontline should get recognition for the risks they have faced, with a new “Coronavirus Service Medal”. They are playing a major role to keep our country safe and it should be properly and formally recognised.

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