Sturgeon referendum call takes one member one vote to extremes

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie has warned that the future of the country is now hanging on the judgement of Nicola Sturgeon’s gut.

It comes after Nicola Sturgeon, in a newspaper interview today, said that she would decide when the SNP would put forward a second referendum. The statement leaves even more questions over the SNP’s plan to renege on previous pledge that the independence referendum would be a once in a generation event. 

Commenting, Mr Rennie said:

“The future of our country is hanging on the judgement of Nicola Sturgeon's gut.  This was the gut that saw a second oil boom just before the oil price crisis, the gut that recommends full fiscal autonomy even though the IFS says it will blow a massive financial hole in the public finances and the gut that believes borrowing billions will cut debt.  

"Even Nicola Sturgeon's gut should remember that Nicola Sturgeon's mouth said there would not be another referendum for a lifetime.  

"Instead of being all mysterious Nicola Sturgeon should rule out another referendum now.

“This latest statement takes one member one vote to the extreme. If Nicola Sturgeon and Nicola Sturgeon alone knows when the nationalists will put forward a second referendum, then Nicola Sturgeon should tell us now when it will be.

“She used to say the independence referendum was a once in a generation event. This puts beyond all doubt that the SNP have reneged on their promise to the people of Scotland.

“In each of our eleven held seats, voters faced a clear choice. While Liberal Democrats will bring economic stability by anchoring government in the centre-ground, the SNP will bring economic uncertainty by dragging the whole UK into neverendum-land.”

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